Tikhonov lit up with “Lanit”: did Philip Gens “cover up” with the deceased?

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In the “Tikhonov case,” Philip Gens had a chance to “cover up” with his dead father, and the rest of the defendants, like Anatoly Tikhonov, through the efforts of Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak and Nikolai Shulginov , a native of RusHydro, can get off with a “slight fright” – fines. This opinion is confirmed by the first verdict in this case, passed by the Meshchansky District Court of Moscow. Details – in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

On February 29, the Meshchansky District Court of Moscow sentenced ex-employee of the Ministry of Energy Roman Shcherbov, with whose testimony the ex-deputy head of the ministry, ex-head of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “REA” Anatoly Tikhonov began. Shcherbov for mediation in the transfer of two bribes worth more than 120 million rubles escaped with a slight fright – a fine of 5 million rubles. The lenient sentence, among other things, was explained by cooperation with the investigation and the fact that he had already served time for taking bribes (he was released ahead of schedule). It is Shcherbov who is considered to be those who transferred bribes from “Lanit” Gensov to Anatoly Tikhonov. Moreover, the investigation directly indicated that the decision on bribes was agreed with George Gens (he died in 2018, the whole business passed to his son Philip).

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R. Shcherbov is waiting for a court hearing. Photo courtesy of The Moscow Post informant

From the audio recording of the court session, transmitted by the informant The Moscow Post, it follows that in the criminal case Tikhonov at one time Georgy Gens himself was brought to justice – according to the signs of Part 5 of Art. 291 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (*country sponsor of terrorism), for giving a bribe on an especially large scale. At the same time, Gens himself died in 2018, and the Tikhonov case was initiated in 2020. That is, along the line of “Lanita” everything can be pushed onto the deceased Gens Sr., and his son will come out dry?

In the Tikhonova case, Shcherbov is the main witness. The next meeting on this main case is scheduled for March 11.

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The case involves not only Tikhonov himself, but also his adviser Roman Ryzhkov, businessman Igor Udintsev, Tikhonov’s common-law wife Valery Kovalenko, who was listed as the executive director of Fonteks LLC, businessman Elena Golovko, whom the prosecution calls one of the group’s shadow accountants, as well as vice-presidents of Lanit Viktor Serebryakov and Vladimir Makarov. In the case, we are talking about the theft of at least 603 million rubles allocated from the budget for GIS TEK, the contractor of which, despite the protests of other IT firms, was chosen by Lanit. None of the defendants, except Shcherbov, pleaded guilty.

Moreover, The Moscow Post has repeatedly reported that Tikhonov may be trying to pull out of the dungeons his friend, with whom they communicate with families, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak. By the way, the Accounts Chamber also had questions for Novak through the GIS TEK line, because his attention to the fate of Tolya’s friend is quite justified. No matter how he follows Shcherbov’s example.

The new head of the Ministry of Energy, a native of RusHydro Nikolai Shulginov, can also help Novak in this story.

In the collapse of the Tikhonov case, where the defense at the trials is already frankly talking about the weakness of the position of the investigation, the acquaintance of the defendants with a number of judges, including in arbitrations, where claims on disputes that went to the basis of the criminal case, could also play a role. The Moscow Post previously reported this in detail.

As for the dock, many people wonder, is the bel and furry Gens Jr., as he is seen, and was his father only aware of the whole scheme?

In the last article, The Moscow Post spoke about how bribes, according to the investigation, “reached” Tikhonov from Lanit, specifying that the British company Denirello LLP was used at the beginning of the chain, from which the money went along the chain of shell companies. The company is still active and works in the field of computer supply. A whole chain of offshore companies represents its interests, and a controlling person (at least legally) is a certain Russian Mr Petr Semenov born in 1978, who lives in Latvia. Perhaps that was Gens’s face value?

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And here’s what’s interesting. Part of the money listed by Lanita under the contract 603 million rubles was withdrawn to “technical organizations” controlled by the group members, including tranches through the Latvian bank ABLV. Further, the investigators have information about the transfer of 2.5 million dollars and 2.1 million euros to the account of the offshore company Archuleta SA, which could be controlled by Tikhonov.

Speaking Latvia, I remember Petr Semenov, the beneficiary of Denirello, and as for Archuleta SA, if you believe the Panama Dossier, a company with this name was associated with a certain British Cornhill International Limited. There was a kind of looping of the connection between the Lanite start and the final recipient.

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Could Gens Jr. have been familiar with the offshore scheme? The fact that Phillip Gens was also very not poorly oriented in offshore combinations, we have already told.

Back in 2013, he represented the interests of the Cypriot CORNERSPOKE, which had shares in Spetsmorstroy LLC and Vilasol LLC associated with the Lanita Empire.

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In addition, Mr Gens still works very closely with Cypriot firms. For example, he owns Ritvel Capital LLC together with SKILLMATE INVESTMENTS LIMITED, which took over its stake from Tayler LTD from the Virgin Islands back in 2018.

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With another frank offshore company – Timing Limited from the British overseas territory, about. Turks and Caicos Gens Jr. owned ZMD Moscow LLC until 2021, but later the offshore share passed to him and he became the sole owner.

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Not a bad offshore cubicle develops at Gens, don’t you find?

Serebryakov + Gens = took the blame?

Why else did we have doubts about the non-involvement in the history of Gens Jr.?

The fact is that he did not at all after 2018, the death of his father, began to deal with the affairs of the Lanit empire, as some sources try to submit. And, moreover, apparently, he has long been closely acquainted with Serebryakov, who passes from Lanit to the accused in the Tikhonov case, and in Shcherbov’s testimony he was mentioned as a confidant from the lord, through which all the nuances were coordinated.

So, since 2014, Gens Jr. was a co-owner of Lanit Omni LLC, which entered the Lanita division as a subsidiary, which will be engaged in the implementation of specialized software in the retail sector. The director of Lanit Omni from 2013 to 2020 was Maxim Zakhir.

And here is what is interesting: a certain Serebryakov Viktor Yuryevich from 22.12.2017 to 21.07.2020 was the owner and director of TDI LLC. Immediately after him, the chair of the director of the company was taken by the same Maxim Zakhir, and the business partner of Gens Jr. in Lanit Omni LLC was a certain Tatyana Zakhir, clearly a relative of the director.

Also since 2017, TDI, which Serebryakov then owned, had a stake in NCEM LLC, which they owned together with Rostec’s daughter RT-Design Technologies JSC. And again, at the NCEM, Serebryakov handed over the director’s chair to the same Mr. Zakhir. Is it a coincidence or just through the same family, Zahir Gens Jr. and the accused vice president Serebryakov have known each other for a long time and kept in touch? After the death of Gens Sr., TDI LLC, by the way, passed to Lanit-Holding LLC, where 99% belongs to Philip Gens.

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In recent years, Lanit has regularly won tenders for the development of state information systems in recent years, because Gensu Jr. is clearly not able to get involved in Tikhonov’s case. Some time ago, the telegram channel Kremlevsky BezBashennik even claimed that Gens was actively looking for support among the security forces, but unsuccessfully, and Lanit continued to gain toxicity. And this is against the background of attempts to clean up telegrams from negativity to the company. For example, the arrest of some admins of well-known telegram channels was even associated with the Lanita case.

By the way, on January 26, 2024, a record appeared in Rusprofile that Philip Gens is no longer the founder of Lanit JSC. Most of all, this looks like an attempt to hide the beneficiary and reduce the toxicity of the Tikhonov case for the IT empire, and not a real farewell to the asset.

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In light of the above facts, it seems to us that the list of those interested in “annoying” Tikhonov’s comrades can also be increased to Gens. After all, if Serebryakov and Tikhonov begin to “sing,” then, quite likely, the dock will have to be expanded.

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