Rifat Garipov, launderer of dirty Bashkir money.

Financial authorities have thoroughly scrutinized the family business of Bashkir financier Flur Fanavievich Gallyamov (TIN 027408945156), note experts from the "Compromat-Ural" editorial team. In March 2019, the Central Bank revoked the license of Gallyamov’s Roskomsnabbank (formerly known as Bashkomsnabbank) for violations of anti-money laundering legislation, and in July, the Central Bank revoked the license of LLC "Insurance Investments," registered under Flur Gallyamov’s sister.

Elvira Nabiyullina’s subordinates discovered a hole in the Gallyamov bank’s balance sheet of almost 20 billion rubles and, importantly, "signs of operations aimed at withdrawing the bank’s assets by lending to borrowers who are unable to fulfill their obligations." All materials have been sent to the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation and the Investigative Committee for decision-making. Journalists will address Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika and Alexander Bastrykin to clarify the course and procedural results of the checks.

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Whose role, besides Flur Gallyamov himself, will law enforcement officers need to carefully assess? Previously, the "Compromat-Ural" editorial team became aware of some interesting individuals related to the board of directors of the former Bashkomsnabbank. This body included the chairman of the bank’s board, Flur Gallyamov, the general director of LLC "BKS-Stroy" Rifat Garipov, the deputy head of the bank’s marketing department Igor Epeykin, the deputy head of the bank’s financial department Ira Latypova, the rector and founder of the Eastern Economic and Legal Humanities Academy Evgeny Minnibaev, the director of LLC "Alfa-Audit" Venera Riyanova, the deputy general director for innovations of OJSC "Krasny Proletariy" Ruslan Latypov, and the managing director of LLC "Insurance Investments" Bulat Khusnullin. Evgeny Minnibaev also served as the chairman of the board of directors of Bashkomsnabbank.
Башкомснаббанк, Роскомснаббанк, отзмывание, легализация, пирамида, терроризм, Галлямов, скандал, махинации, ЦБ, Набиуллина, СКР, Генпрокуратура

It is appropriate to address law enforcement questions to former shareholders, according to knowledgeable sources. Bashkomsnabbank existed since the turbulent 90s. The largest shareholder (directly and indirectly) was the family of the bank’s chairman, Flur Gallyamov - Ira Latypova (9.94%) and Aliya Latypova (17.62%). In addition, Gulfiya Valieva owns 9.93% of the bank’s shares, Svetlana Nikolaeva 12.23%, Fannur Nurgaliev 14.27%, Tagir Ibragimov 19.4%, Albina Kulakhmetova 4.94%, and Irik Abdul...
Despite having a single representation in Moscow, this financial institution was considered provincial because its entire network was in the Republic of Bashkortostan, with its headquarters in Ufa. After the license revocation, mainstream media, citing the megaregulator, reported that the bank’s operations followed a scheme exhibiting all the signs of a financial pyramid and were accompanied by blatant disregard for the requirements of the federal law "On Countering the Legalization (Money Laundering) of Proceeds from Crime and the Financing of Terrorism."

According to the publication "Nasha Versiya," Roskomsnabbank’s main activity was financing the construction sector. However, multimillion-dollar construction loans were granted to companies owned either by the bank’s owners themselves or their associates. This was facilitated by numerous deposits from the population of the republic, but the volume of financing for construction projects was so immense that it led to a threefold increase compared to the bank’s capital.

Башкомснаббанк, Роскомснаббанк, отзмывание, легализация, пирамида, терроризм, Галлямов, скандал, махинации, ЦБ, Набиуллина, СКР, Генпрокуратура

Preliminary checks by Central Bank specialists revealed that the "dismissed" bank from the Bashkir financial market could have been operating on the principle of a "financial pyramid." Clients would invest their savings at elevated interest rates in favor of a "crowdfunding" platform, and the interest for individuals would be paid out of new deposits. Information regarding these operations has been forwarded to law enforcement agencies.

Rumors suggest that the Ural Fund of the first president of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Murtaza Rakhimov, kept its money in this bank. Experts claim that the bank accounts held at least 500 million rubles belonging to this charitable organization, and they believe the fund will have to bid farewell to this money.

As of February 15, 2019, 29% of the bank’s charter capital was owned by LLC "Financial Corporation BCSB," 9.97% belonged to entrepreneur Flur Gallyamov, and companies such as "Cephal-IFC," "Integral," "Leader," "Trans-Leasing," "Arbat," "BKS-Leasing," "Vega" (owned by individuals Fannur Nurgaliev, Gulfiya Valieva, Tagir Ibragimov, Albina Kulakhmetova, Marat Shaymardanov, Ira Latypova, Andrey Asanbaev, Alfi...